Scale Model kits
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A. Resin Conversion Kits:

1. 1/48 F-16N~ AN/ALR-69 Radar Warning Receiver and AN/APX-95 TACTS Pod.   (3.8EURO)

2. 1/48 F-16ADF  (11.6EURO); 8.5EURO~ without nose

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3. 1/48 F6F night fighter (11.0EURO)

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674.1/48 WW2 IJA Ho-301 40mm gun  (1.9EURO)

5. 1/48 F-16  US Aggressor POD Set, 8.6EURO. 

6. 1/72 RF-5E conversion Kits, New version. 13EURO. (decal is not include)

7.1/72 C-119 3-blade propeller (Hamilton Standard), BR72003, 6.4EURO:

8.1/144 C-119 3-blade propeller (Hamilton Standard), BR144001, 4EURO:

9.1/72 F-5E/F correct nose (K type), BR72004, 2.5EURO:

    (for Testors, Italeri, Hobby Boss, without metal pitot tube)


10.1/72 F-5E/F correct nose (C type), BR72005, 3.1EURO:

    (for Testors, Italeri, Hobby Boss, without metal pitot tube)

11.1/72 F-5E/F C improved type conversion kit, BR72007, 9.2EURO:

          (for Testors, Italeri, Hobby Boss; with nose and metal pitot tube)

12.1/72 F-5F conversion kit.  BR72008, 33EUROfor Hobby Boss  (Italeri).


13.1/72 F-5E/F,RF-5E ladder, BR72009, 1.3EURO.

14.1/72 F-5E exterior upgrade set, BR72010a, 8.1EURO.

15.1/72 F-5F,RF-5E exterior upgrade set, BR72010b, 9.1EURO.

16.1/72 F-5E,RF-5E canopy upgrade set, BR72011, 2.6EURO.

17.1/72 F-5F canopy upgrade set, BR72012, 4.6EURO.

18.1/72 F-5E,RF-5E cockpit upgrade set, BR72013, 6.2EURO.

19.1/72 F-5F cockpit upgrade set, BR72014, 8.5EURO.


20. 1/72 RF-104G recce pods (KS-67A), BR72015, 5.8EURO (with decal).

21. 1/72 RF-104G recce pods (KS-125), BR72016, 5.8EURO (with decal).

Robin Conversion kits:

1.1/48 RF-104 Nose. 13EURO.

2.1/48 AN/VDS-5,LOROP. for F-16, 13EURO.

3.1/48 S-2T conversion set for ROC. 80EURO.


4.1/48 S-2T(E) weapon set for ROC NAVY. 25EURO.

B. Resin Kits:

1. 1/48 LAU-115+LAU-127 Launcher for F/A-18, 8.6EURO.

  *2pcs (2LAU-115, 4LAU-127)

2. 1/48 Type 97 7.7mm gun for WW2 IJN Bombers, 3.1EURO.   Sold out

3. 1/48 F-104 FOD, BR48009, 3.0EURO.

4. 1/48 Type 99-2 20mm gun for WW2 IJN Bombers/ Fighters, 1.6EURO. Sold out.

5. 1/48 AERO 3B Launcher for F-104, BR48016, 3.5EURO.

6. 1/32 F-104 FOD, BR32001, 6.7EURO.

C. Model Kits:

1. 1/144 RF-101, BR144002, 16EURO.

 (Kit include clear canopy)

Sold out items:

1. 1/72 F-CK-1 (IDF) ~ Resin kit + Injection canopy, 75EURO.   Sold out

2. 1/72 F-CK-1B (IDF) ~ Resin kit + Injection canopy, 75EURO.  

D. Metal Parts:

1. Bestfong :

1.1. BM48001, 1/48 Pitot tube for F-104, 2.8EURO

1.2.BM32001, 1/32 Pitot tube for F-104, 3EURO

1.3.BM72001, 1/72 F-5E/F(F-5A)  Pitot tube (K type), 2.7EURO.

1.4.BM72002, 1/72 F-5E/F  Pitot tube (C type), 2.7EURO.

1.5.BM144001, 1/144 Pitot tube for F-16  or F-CK-1, 3.3EURO

2. W&D 48012, 1/48 Pitot tube & AOA for F-14, 4.8EURO (for Hobby Boss)

3. W&D 48003, 1/48 Pitot tube for J-10, 3.8EURO

4. W&D 48005, 1/48 Pitot tube for F-5A & F-5E/F, K configuration, 2.8EURO

 (K configuration)

5. W&D 48006, 1/48 Pitot tube for F-5E/F, C configuration, 2.8EURO
 (C configuration~Shark nose)

6. W&D 48004, 1/48 Re-fueling probe, 3.2EURO

7. W&D 48007, 1/48 F-4 Pitot tube with AOA, 5EURO.

8. W&D 48008, 1/48 F-16 Pitot tube with AOA, 4.8EURO.  (for Tamiya/ Kinetic)

9. W&D 48009, 1/48 Pitot tube for RF-5E and F-5B, 3.8EURO

10. W&D 32012, 1/32 Pitot tube & AOA for F-14, 5.2EURO (for Trumpeter)

11. W&D 48011, 1/48 Pitot tube for Japan F-2A/B, 5.2EURO

12. W&D 48012, 1/48 Pitot tube & AOA for F-14, 4EURO (for Hobby Boss)